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DragonAudioI'm been under the deadline hammer for far too long, and even missed the fact that the audiobook edition of my novella, The Dragon and the Dark Knight, had gone live in July!  (The time it takes for audio platforms to approve projects various greatly.) The narrator is the ever wonderful Siobhan Waring.

Since time is in short supply, I decided to rerun the blog I did in 2020 when the e-book version was released. The Dragon and the Dark Knight!  

I've written a number of novellas and shorter works because they're an enjoyable change of pace and give me the chance to go to new and different places. They can also be quirkier or more humorous than full length novels.  In short–fun! 



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Marie Brennan & Lady Trent: An Interview with Dragons

NaturalHistoryDragonsb by Mary Jo

Though I'm a lifelong reader of both historical novels and science fiction and fantasy, I somehow managed to miss Marie Brennan's Lady Trent series until I read about the upcoming release of the fifth and last of her series of memoirs written by a distinguished dragon naturalist.

Dragons? Lady Trent? Within the Sanctuary of Wings? Clearly this was something I must investigate! So I cautiously tried the first book, A Natural History of Dragons. And was hooked, big time. I've very grateful that the series was complete when I started to read it!

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MycabbageDragons are fascinating creatures, aren't they? Here's one acting as protector to Billy, the smallest Cabbage Patch Kid.

Dragons appear in mythologies around the world but with variations. A chinese dragon is quite different to a European one, not least in being a bringer of blessings rather than a deadly monster. And yet we don't have any difficulty in applying the word dragon to all of them and knowing what we mean.

One aspect is that they are all magical in some way, and thus wonderful for stories, ancient and modern. Dlcovsmall2

A few years ago, I and three other authors decided to write dragon stories, we all came up with different types. Wench Mary Jo created a shape-shifting dragon in the European medieval tradition. Karen Harbaugh drew on her heritage for a Japanese dragon. Barbara Samuel used the magic of the south west United States. And I went over to fantasy land, as I love to do now and then.

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