Kathleen Gilles Seidel Pays a Call!

KathyPicby Mary Jo

I'll say this up front: Kathleen Gilles Seidel is a marvelous writer.  We are both members of the Washington Romance Writers chapter of RWA, so I've know her for many years.  At the WRW annual retreat, a slot would always be reserved for her to talk fascinatingly about some aspect of writing.  (She has a PhD in English from Johns Hopkins University, so she's really good at this sort of thing.) I've heard many of her thoughtful lectures and stories as well as being addicted to her writing.  So I feel very pleased that she's agreed to visit the Word Wenches today. 

Kathy AfteralltheseyearsCoverhas twice won RITAs for best contemporary romance of the year.  Her work is known for originality, wonderful keen observations about the human animal, and a delicious dry sense of humor.  She later moved from romance to women's fiction, and they're great, too.  (One of her books is entitled Keep Your Mouth Shut and Wear Beige. Who can resist that?)

What inspired me to invite Kathy at this point in time is that I saw that her novel Again is now available as an e-book, along with several of her other older titles.  Naturally I downloaded Again and read the story for the fifth or sixth time.  I also mentioned the book to the other Wenches, several of them read and adored it, and we all thought it would be a fine idea to invite Kathy to visit us.  

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