Tiny Things

Christina here and today I’m going to revisit a subject I think we’ve talked about before – miniatures.

Tudor houseI don’t know what it is about tiny things, but they are immensely appealing. Just because they are small, they are much cuter than anything on a larger scale. It’s as if we equate cuteness with size and the smaller something is, the better. There’s an article here explaining the science behind this obsession with miniatures. Basically, it seems to be connected to our instinct to look after anything small and helpless, like a baby. Or maybe we are just nostalgic for our childhood?

A couple of weeks ago I went to a doll’s house fair and I was awestruck by the amazing objects for sale. It’s incredible how tiny replicas of everyday items can be produced, and the care and attention to detail some makers put into crafting them is unbelievable!

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