The New ABC of Reading

Old booksCara/Andrea here, As many of you can probably tell from our monthly “What Are We Reading” posts, I am an avid reader as well an author—as are all the Wenches. So the question of how to discover new books and new-to-us authors in this age of shrinking bricks and mortar bookstores and expanding e-universe of titles is doubly important to me. The Wenches talk about it a lot among ourselves, but I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on the state of reading today.

P and PGutenberg’s invention of movable allowed books to be mass-produced, and for almost four centuries, readers pretty much accessed books in the same way—they purchased them at bookstores, had a membership to a circulating library, or were lucky enough to borrow volumes from friends. (The wealthy, of course, could afford to amass fabulous collections of their own, and often bought books with plain cardboard coverings so they could bind them in fancy leather and gold-stamp decorations.)

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