History and Fashion at Kensington Palace

At KPNicola here, with a “what I did last weekend” sort of a blog about my recent trip to the absolutely charming Kensington Palace. The Palace is small – by royal standards -and feels cosy and intimate, and the current exhibitions illustrate life there during the late Stuart and Georgian eras. There’s also a lovely exhibition about the family life of Queen Victoria and last but not least, a fashion exhibition with gorgeous gowns that were worn by the current Queen, her sister Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.

But to start at the beginning…

In 1689, when William and Mary came to the English throne as joint rulers, they were looking for somewhere private to live outside London because William, who suffered severely from asthma, needed to escape the polluted air of the city. They chose Nottingham House in the village of Kensington, and transformed it into a palace. Nowadays Kensington Palace is in central London, adjoining Hyde Park, and is the official London home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and Prince George!)

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