When is Christmas?


ChristmastreeCharlie and Billy are ready, guarding the tree and presents, and each with one of their own to open.

Christmas Day greetings to everyone from me, Jo, and the Wenches.

Are you wondering about the title of this blog? It comes from a snippet I picked up on line.

I went to Wikipedia to check a Yule detail and found this quote.
"About AD 730, the English historian Bede wrote "They began the year with
December 25, the day some now celebrate as Christmas; " Bede

We know that the placement of Christ's birth round about the winter solstice was arbitrary, but I thought it was fixed around the winter solstice earlier than that. I wonder what other days were in use at the time.

"Happy Christmas!"
"What? That's in May. Who'd be traipsing around to pay tax in t'middle of
"Well it's different over in the Holy Land, isn't it? Hot over there."
"Then it should be in a hot month here, shouldn't it? Perhaps the neighbours
are right, having it in July. Not that you can always depend on hot in
"Too much to do in the fields then, and what'd be the point of mince pies, when there's fresh fruit to eat? Better to have it in a quieter time like now, I say. Well, have to be off to wassail someone else. Happy Christmas!"

I haven'tAscansm done any research, so if you're looking for something diverting to do, see what you can discover about exactly when Christmas became fixed on December 25th.

When you have some time, I've put up a Christmas newsletter here.

It includes a link to the first excerpt from A Scandalous Countess, which will be out in February, which really isn't that far away!

May your day be merry and bright!