Pat Rice – Love & Laughter

Anne here and today I'm interviewing fellow wench, Patricia Rice. PatRice_CrossedInLove2500
Pat, you're launching a new "Regency Love and Laughter" collection of some of your earlier books and novellas. What a lovely idea. We need more love and laughter in these difficult times, and I personally love it when authors reissue their earlier stories, many of which I've missed.

Anne: The first "book" in the collection —Crossed in Love—is an anthology made up of three novellas and a short story. It contains 1) The Borrowed Groom, 2) Deceiving Appearances, 3) Fathers and Daughters and 4) Lady Invisible.
What, if anything links these stories?

Pat: In each story, the characters are searching for or have thought they found love, only to lose it and despair. I particularly love the heroine in “Borrowed Groom” who fears she’ll never find love or even have a life because she’s crippled, and her parents won’t allow her out of her sight. But when opportunity is dangled right before her eyes, she grabs it and runs and to heck with the consequences.

PatRice_MadMariasDaughter2500Anne: Sounds gorgeous! Following the anthology are three more full-length novels;  Mad Maria's Daughter, Artful Deceptions and All a Woman Wants. I must confess, I think Mad Maria's Daughter is a most intriguing title.

Pat: Don’t you love the titles and fantasies we used to get away with back when the genre was in its infancy? Originally, only the mother was mad, the heroine was blind, but my editor refused to accept a heroine with another “disability of the month,” so I had to make the daughter potentially mad. Really difficult to obtain the same impact as those scenes where the heroine could tell the difference between the twins because of her hyper-senses! 

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