Crystal Power

Sunrise over Half Moon Bay
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I know many readers love hearing about our historical explorations, but lately, I’ve mostly been researching contemporaries. If you receive my newsletters, you know I’ve been to Santa Cruz (above image is sun rising over the Pacific at Santa Cruz's Half Moon Bay–think about it) to research the setting for the Crystal Magic books. I’m currently digging into geology tomes, studying the fascinating science behind the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m not sure any of you want to read about the ancient volcanoes and earthquake faults that make up the California coastline, but rocks fascinate me!

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Crystal Magic and Sapphire Nights

Rice_SapphireNights_600x900Pat here:

For years, readers asked me to write about the descendants of my Malcolms and Ives. But I have a bit of a problem writing about the children of my characters because I have a feeling they would be very interfering parents, and romance needs to be about the couple, not their overbearing, all-powerful families.

So I introduced the Unexpected Magic series and the great-grandchildren of the original Malcolms and Ives. Almost a hundred years after that first generation, I have a dozen fascinating families I can create, if I like, but I’m incapable of writing about the same concepts and setting into eternity. I needed to explore new shores and different conflicts. I’ll probably come back with more stories for the grandchildren at some point, but it might not be in England. My Muse likes to travel!

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