Creche 2010eJoanna here.

I love this pause between the astronomical new year the solstice and the calendar New Year. A sort of an interregnum comes that doesn't seem to belong to either the old year or the new. It's the time between.

In this time, my creche fills up. Tonight the baby is safe and warm in the manger. The sheep have come in from the pastures to adore the child. The turtle and a hedge hog have finally crawled in. An owl keeps an eye on everything. Angels hover. Mandy belly up

Over on the bookcase, the Magi travel toward Jerusalem. They'll arrive on Epiphany, January 6th.The Three Kings, a camel, and a couple of donkey make their way with awe and deliberation, led by an angel.

Me. I'm taking this week off from all worry and all duty. I relax. I think about the year to come and the next story to write. It's a good time.

The dog Mandy agrees with me.