New Beginnings

Christina here, having a quiet first day of the year. As is the custom, I stayed up late last night, but we had fairly low-key celebrations so I’m not too tired. Also, I’m a night owl and going to bed late (or early in the morning depending on how you look at it) is nothing unusual for me.

RiversideThe first day of the new year signifies a new beginning, a chance to start over or do things differently, but I’m not feeling the need to start right away. I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but I do have some planned changes, such as going on a diet, walking more, and having a good clear-out to make space in my house. It’s nothing that needs to be done immediately, though. Right now I still have family staying for the holidays and real life can take a backseat for a few more days.

This afternoon we’ll probably go for a walk – a relaxing way to start the year. We are lucky enough to live surrounded by fields and a small river. There are sheep in some of the fields, but they’re not too bothered by us. I love watching them mooch around, the bucolic scene is peaceful and calming. In contrast, the little river is fast-flowing this time of year – a combination of meltwater from the nearby Welsh mountains and all the rain we’ve been having recently. I find it soothing and mesmerising to stand on its banks and contemplate it.

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