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Historical Romance - Christmas Promotion #1To show our gratitude to our fabulous readers this holiday season, the Word Wenches have teamed up with over 50 fantastic romance authors to give away more than 35 historical holiday romances, and a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!
There will be copies of anthologies from many of the wenches, plus our group anthologies. So go forth and play!
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The ninth, part deux!

Aren't we having fun with our ninth anniversary? Here are some more Wenchly first books. By chance the Friday post is Jo, Jo, Jo — and Anne. So we have Joanna Bourne, Mary Jo Putney, me and Anne Gracie talking about our first published book. As on Wednesday, you still has a chance to win our anniversary prize.

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On to first books.

Joanna Bourne.

Ladyships companion 2My first book — it was the first fiction I'd written since short stories for Middle School English class — came about for one of the usual reasons.

I was staying at home with my first child. I was going squirrelly. One day I put down a book I was reading (which I did not wallbang only because … sleeping child,) and I said, "Heck. even I can write better than that," as who among us has not.

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Creativity Rules

Rice_RiskofFireAndMagic200x300Pat here:

I’ve always wanted to write about a mad librarian.

Well, that’s probably a lie, but it’s hard to tell since I lie for a living. I’ve always admired librarians and wished I could spend my days surrounded by books—except librarians aren't paid to read books but to endure the demanding public. And that would make me insane—hence, the mad librarian.

That’s how creativity works. The wenches recently had a discussion here on whether we develop our characters from real people, and the answer was a pretty conclusive no…but.  Creative people often claim they rely on their “muses” or the “voices in their head” to develop their art, mostly because we don’t have any comprehension of how our brains put together two and two and come up with mad librarians. After reading several educational tracts from psychologists, business people, and scientists, I’ve concluded no one else can explain it  better either, but their theories make for entertaining reading.

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Undercover Genius

Rice-UndercoverGenius360x540Pat nattering today:

I am an avid consumer of romance, fantasy, and mystery in all their multitudinous subgenres, so pardon me if I digress from our usual historical conversation—unless one considers the Bush administration historical. Which it is, of  course, but not what most of you want to hear!

My reading preference over the years has always been for stories with romance— for reasons known only to my confused psyche. It didn’t matter if the genre was mystery or science fiction, historical or contemporary, just give me great characters and a hint of romance. So when I first started writing, combining my fascination with history and my love of romance seemed natural. This is not to say that history is my only interest! Heavens, no.

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