Early Early Dog Collars

JoannScarf 1760-1780 magdeburga here, with a posting but not exactly the posting I set out to write. This happens once in a while.

The backstory goes like this; It got cold, it being winter, and I bought Mandela the dog a sweater to keep her warm. This got me thinking about dog clothing in general and protective dog clothing  in particular — like warm sweaters or dog boots at the Isentod. This is in contrast to “dressing Phideau up as Santa’s Elf” dog clothing.

I asked myself, “Did they put sweaters on their dogs in Regency times?” and the Dog in coatanswer was pretty much “If they did they didn’t talk about it and they didn’t paint pictures of it.” The British were, in fact, just getting used to the idea of men using umbrellas and women were running around nekkid halfway down from their shoulders so putting a dog in a comfy tweed cape probably didn’t occur to them.

Dogs, like sheep and cats and cows, were expected to deal with the climate on their own.

What dogs did wear, however, was collars. So I will talk about collars.

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