Conference Clothing Concerns

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

As Cara/Andrea said on Friday, sometime we Wenches go light in our posts, and this one is REALLY light!  I don't even have a biscotti recipe to offer.  <G>  But in the spirit of the summer silly season, I present:

RWA's national romance writers conference!  It's next week in San Antonio, and it's surely the world's largest collection of romance writers on the hoof.  The annual literacy signing is similarly large, with hundreds of writers signing and thousands of books donated by publishers for sale.  

Conference logo(A pause for a public service announcement: If you're in the neighborhood, ya'll come on down!  Zillions of books, and all proceeds are given to literacy organizations.  What greater gift can you give than the gift of reading?  Lots of romance lovers in Texas, so I'm sure the signing will generate a lot of money for local literacy groups.)

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