Small dog winnerby Mary Jo

Every year, the Mt. Adams neighborhood in Cincinnati hosts their annual Reindog parade, in which dogs are dressed in IMG_0319their holiday best. There's no fee for participating, but donations are gratefully accepted.

And every year, my animal loving and cat rescuing friend Laura Resnick attends with friends of hers, and sends me pictures because I love seeing them!

Some dogs clearly love the attention.  Others look pretty–hangdog, if you'll excuse the expression.  <G>  Prizes are Worried santa doggiven in different categories. on the left is the winner of the under 25 pound category.

Much as I love cats, I can't imagine them participating in Reincat parades!

Mary Jo, whose favorite is the Lion Dog



Green dog







Golden tribe



Lion Dog



The Road West

Cruising the Ohio River

by Mary Jo

September was cruise time!  As with our April cruise of the Chesapeake Bay, we IMG_0330an American Cruise Lines small ship cruise.  Since ACL cruises only in American waters, it was much easier and less likely to be canceled than flying to Europe at a time when border restrictions are constantly changing.  We decided on a cruise of the Ohio River, starting from Pittsburgh and ending in St. Louis.  It would be simple to get to and from, and more important, it was a part of the US that we didn't know well, and which has masses of history. 

The Ohio River was the southern border of a vast tract of wilderness that had been ceded to the US by Great Britain in the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the American War of Independence.  The Northwest Territory doubled the size Map_ohio_river_700x700the young United States and covered all or part of what would become six states, but at the time, it was entirely undeveloped: no towns, no farms, no roads, only a handful of small forts. 


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Cat 243 DoverReindogs!
by Mary Jo

The Wenches Christmastide celebration has a loose theme of “Favorite Things,” and one of my favorite holiday things is the pictures of the Cincinnati SPCA’s annual Reindog Parade that my friend Laura Resnick sends me every year.


Reindeer Cat 3Much as I love cats, it’s just not possible to imagine persuading them to wear costumes and parade along the streets, but the dogs seem to love it.  Certainly the people do!

So enjoy the reindogs!. This is a selection of some of my favorite pictures from several different years. 

And remember: we should all be so lucky as to have the cheerful disposition of a Golden Retriever! <G>

The Parade Begins



I think this fine fellow has appointed himself the parade police dog. <G>


Elf pups from Santa's workshop.


A bling hound?


And if a pooch is tired, mom will carry him. <G>



Small dog, big costume.  (Okay, it's not Christmasy, but how often do you get a chance to wear your elephant costume???)


There must be a third king around here somewhere…


This one really is a reindog!


The Hannukah Hound.  I think this little guy is my favorite.  I've seen him in a number of the parades from over the years. 

Cat in the Christmas treeSo there's your annual dose of reindogs! 

Do you have pets?  How do they feel about the holidays?

Happy New Year's!

Mary Jo