Return of the Reindogs!

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

What would Christmastide be without enjoying some pictures of the Cincinnati SPCA’s annual Reindog Parade?  Once again, my friend Laura Resnick sent me some very entertaining pictures Mt. Adams welcomes the reindogs!of parade attendees.  


Sadly, there were few Hanukkah Hounds in this year’s parade since it took place on December 8th, the first day of the (very early) Hanukkah celebration.  I expect the Hounds were all at home getting under the family’s feet while a feast was prepared.

On to the parade! First, the eager crowd gathers: 

The Eager Crowd Gathers

Wise dogs come from afar:

Bearing gifts, they come from afar...


Angel dogs on high


Angel dogs are heard on high: 





Look, it's Santa's Sleigh!

Santa's sleigh







Even short reindogs want to help pull the sleigh:

A reindog in truth

And here's the Santa Dog himself, bringing lots of goodies!

Santa Dog









Getting one's elf hat straight isn't easy!

My elf hat doesn't fit!












I'm particularly fond of the Poinsettia Pooch:

Poinsettia Pooch

Cute kids

I hope you've enjoyed the reindogs, but if you're in the mood for a change of species, my sister sent me this link for Jingle Goats.


Walking in a winter wonderlandMary Jo, who thinks the internet runs on cute critter photos.