Christmas Tree Delight

Christina here, recovering from the frenzy of preparations and celebrations of the last week by quietly contemplating our lovely Christmas tree. It’s the first time in days that I’ve had a chance to just sit down and do nothing, and to really soak in the festive atmosphere and the beauty of the decorations. Our tree is a real one and its wonderful scent hits you the moment you walk into the room. The twinkling lights remind me of sunshine on snow, something I was lucky enough to enjoy just a few weeks ago in Sweden. And then there are the many ornaments, always a delight to unpack and hang up each year …

Just about every one of them has some memory attached to it for me. There are the tiny Japanese fans reminding me of my time living in the Far East, as well as a more recent purchase of a red Chinese lantern-shaped bauble which did the same. The little silver angel that conjures memories of my two girls helping to decorate the tree when they were little (I bought them one each). A crystal twist from a long-ago trip to Devon, where we stopped at a shop that produced its own glass marbles and ornaments. The silver wreath and ball, bought in the US when visiting family in New England. The mini stocking that was a gift from my mother; the red tassel an indulgence for myself from the Victoria & Albert museum. A red Christmas tree shape purchased because I felt our tree needed more red colour. And not forgetting the Brussels sprout bauble which I bought just for the fun of it as I’m the only person in our family who actually loves sprouts! They are all precious in their own way.

How about you – do your tree ornaments hold special memories? Do you perhaps have weird and wonderful baubles created by your children at school? Or decorations inherited from loved ones? Whatever they are, I hope they bring you as much joy as mine do!