The Season Then and Now

Trooping the colourNicola here, talking today about those elements of the London Season that feature in Regency historicals and are still going strong today. A photograph in the paper last week reminded me that although in many ways we have moved on from the Regency period in the UK (no climbing boys and a ban on fox hunting, for example), one aspect at least of the social life of the time is alive and well and that's The Season.

The photograph that reminded me of this was a picture of the Royal family watching the Trooping the Colour. Whilst you don’t see this mentioned in many Georgian or Regency-set historicals, this is actually a tradition of British infantry regiments that dates back to the 17th century. The ceremony arose out of the custom of using a regiment’s colours, or flags, as rallying points on a battlefield and takes place annually in June on Horse Guards Parade by St James’ Park. It was first held in the early 18th century and I imagine it would have been quite a show for the London crowds. The picture is quite interesting because when I first saw it I thought it was an old painting – then I saw the London Eye in the background!

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