Settling into January

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

The holiday season is full of energy, buzz, decorations, fun, stress, deliciously decadent food, gathering with family and friends, receiving good surprises and sometimes disappointment.  The season is lovely–and it's also lovely when it's over and life goes back to normal!

At least, that's the case for this introvert.  Yesterday with the help of a friend and two of the cats (see pictures), I took down the tree and Reggie looking at the treepacked the ornaments away. 

I loved putting up the tree in December and the sparkly lights and ornaments with their own stories, but now I'm happy to have more open space in the living room again, less concern that a cat will bring the tree down, and I'm diligently picking up widely scattered strands of shiny tinsel.  

Recently a friend mentioned a book in which kids who wished it was Christmas all year round got their wish–and found they didn't like it.  Holidays are meant to be Smokey and the tinselspecial, and that means time limited.  

I usually like January because it's quiet, a good time for working and reading and nesting.  How about you?  Do you enjoy the end of the Christmastide season?  Or do you wish it could be Christmas all year round?

Mary Jo