The Journey Home: An Anthology with a Past

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

The publishing world has changed so much in the last dozen years!  This anthology was first published in 2004, when independent anthologies were rare indeed, and it was produced as a fundraiser for the SOSAmerica, Inc. charity (CARE packages to deployed soldiers).  The volume was edited by award-winning Silhouette author Mary Kirk.

As Mary said in her introduction, "The Journey Home is about the wounded Thejourneyhomefrntcvrmediafile--2015hero. The man who does what he must. The soldier who risks his life for his beliefs, his family, his country. It’s about the man who goes to war and discovers, when it’s over, he’s a different man—and maybe he isn’t certain who or what he’s become.

It’s also about the woman who loves such a hero: the one who waits at home, worrying, wondering. When her man finally returns, will her love be enough to heal the invisible wounds of combat? Will she even recognize the stranger sleeping alongside her at night?

Whether victors or vanquished, all survivors of a conflict must face the aftermath. But where do battle-scarred warriors go to lick their wounds and heal? Will they—can they—return to hearth and home? Or are they destined to live in isolation, unable to find a woman brave enough to love a man whose heart has been shattered?"


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