What Working Wenches Wear

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

Hi, there!  For today’s Ask A Wench, I delved into the Wenchly question jar and came up with this one from J. Wishard:

"Let's have an authors fashion show of sorts. Why not ask the Word Wenches to describe or show a photo of how they dress to "write/work".  And do any of them have a piece of clothing that is their "lucky" writing clothes, such as lucky socks?“

This turned out to be a lot of fun! First up:

Nicola 2Nicola Cornick:

Ok, so this photo was taken a little while ago but I still have a penchant for rolling my jacket sleeves up when I work and I also love a bit of fancy headgear! My favourite hat is big and furry and was bought at a vintage sale. When the weather gets really cold I have been known to wear it at my desk because I feel the cold when I'm sitting still and writing. I have a lucky silver ring which I bought in the Orkney Islands and which is patterned with runic designs.



 Joanna.CoffeeCup5Joanna Bourne:

When I'm working, my fashion statement tends to be . . . bright.  Frequently red.  Sometimes with exuberant flowers.  I'm so absent-minded that if I don't dress in noticeable colors, I lose myself.

This is me in my favorite vintage Hawaiian shirt, all energized by that tropical magic and caffeine.





Patricia RIce:

I’m not superstitious, which smacks too close to paranoia for my logical mind. No lucky socks or sandals. Heavy sweaters and corduroys in winter, turtlenecks and jeans for the mild seasons, capris and button shirts in summer. My one peculiarity is that I never, ever do T-shirts. Don't even own one. And I never have pics of myself around the house. I'm sure we all look like Anne's photo at our desks!


SusanauthorclothesSusan Fraser King:

What do I wear when deep in the writing? Mostly plain, comfy stuff in gray and black. (I love black – I’d wear it every day if I could!). Some of my favorite pieces of author-mode clothing are pretty tattered by now, but crazy soft and comfortable. I also love plaids, not just because I write Scotland, but because I love tartan patterns and colors.

Here are some items from my current writing wardrobe: a gray sweatshirt that I’ve had forever – note the tattered sleeve with the hole in it! (Liz Claiborne petite, really soft and a great fit; I’d love to find another just like it) … a black long-sleeve tee … and another favorite piece, a plaid quilted vest that’s great for winter and cooler air-conditioned nights too … and flip flops, which I wear year round. And I love this simple jewelry piece, a chunk of amethyst and citrine wrapped in silver wire that looks like a thistle!

So in writing mode, I’m all about flip flops and ragged gray sweatshirts. Nothing fancy. It’s so not me – and darker, quieter tones help me to focus amid the distractions of an active household where something can easily lure me away from my office and the work to be done! Once the writing takes over, all the rest can vanish for a while.

Andrea'sfashionstatementCara Elliot/Andrea Penrose:

Lucky socks? Nope. Pashima shawls? Nope. And certainly not corsets or crepe de chine. Alas, my writing garb would definitely not make the fashion plates of La Belle Assemble. I dress for comfort, which currently means something warm and fuzzy, like Ugg sheepskin slippers and a polarfleece pullover.

Now, some people collect stylish little stiletto heels and slinky shifts, but my closet is crammed with Patagonia Snap-Ts, Nike dri-FIT and North Face wind-foil. Most are black or earth shades—I tend to like neutral colors—but I do have a few snazzy colors like red, limes and mango, for when the mood strikes me. (No correlation between wearing hot colors and writing hot scenes . . .but maybe that's something I should think about.)

 Jo Beverley:

I'm afraid I just wear what I'm wearing. As I always dress comfortably around the house, it doesn't matter what I'm doing — reading, writing, cooking etc. I wish I had lucky socks, a pashmina of passion, or undies of inspiration, but sadly, no.

Mary Jo Putney:

Like most of the Wenches, I write in comfort clothes, usually oversize knits from Lands End and L. L. Bean.  Like Pat, cord trousers and sweaters in winter, lighter clothing in summer.  I always kick my shoes off (loafers in winter, slides in the summer) and write in my (not particularly) lucky socks.  Very boring.

Pashminas of Passion

THEN—I read Jo’s entry and realized that I do indeed have pashminas of passion.  Lots of them, in different weights and colors for the seasons.  My house isn’t particularly cold, but as I sit at a computer, my joints like a bit of extra warmth.  Here’s a picture of some of my pashminas of passion.  The adorable little sheep is Lamb Chop, whom we met in Rotorua, New Zealand.  It was love at first sight for her and our bear, Wellington, so she came home with us.  (Antipodean females are very intrepid travelers!)

AnneDameBabsAnne Gracie:

I don't wear anything particularly special to write in, but I do believe it's important to dress appropriately — to dress like an author, walk like an author, talk like an author, grunt and squeak and squ—er, I forget the rest of that quote.

So I dress in a simple, elegant, casual manner that befits my lifestyle. For instance this is the kind of thing I throw on most days — that's me walking from my bedroom to my office (pic by Kat from bookthingo) I have a variety of such outfits, naturally. One for each day of the week.

So nothing fancy, or special, like lucky socks for me. Just simple, tasteful, comfortable clothing.

MJP: So that’s the Wenchly fashion show!  If you think that most writers make Casual Friday look like formal wear—you’re probably right.  Except for Anne!

For asking the question that inspired this blog, JF Wishard gets a free book from me.  Thanks for the question!

What do you wear to work?  And what would you wear if you could choose whatever you want? <G>

Sherrie'sDudsMary Jo, adding a picture of what our site mistress, Sherrie Holmes, wears at her computer since she has so much pizzaz!