Joanna here, pondering that puzzling phenomenon of the holiday season — boxsitting.

Cattsitting 12 cc michelleagain The affinity of cats for boxes remains one of the great evolutionary mysteries.  What possible competitive advantage does a small predator gain from fitting into a box? 

Science is baffled. 

Yet, worldwide, millions of cats of all stripes and persuasions practice boxsitting.

Wenches boxsitting 7The argument that this behavior is not some genetic happenstance, but ancient cat custom, is a strong one.  There's a notable increase in boxsitting toward the end of the year.  Is it merely an increase in the number of available boxes?  Or could boxsitting be related to the Roman Festival of Janus, God of Doorways, celebrated the first of January?

Janus-Vatican2x2Web Cats can be seen paying their everyday homage to Janus by passing, slowly, lingeringly, through doorways, stropping on the doorframe.

(You've wondered why they do this.  Now you know.)
Cats may perform this doorway ritual several times an hour. 

Wenches boxsitting 6Janus, who oversees 'openings and closings' in general, is also considered the patron of crates, cartons and packaging.  Perhaps this is why cats find the occupation of boxes an act of particular merit. 

Boxsitting — mysterious hereditary urge or ancient ritual?  Catwatchers can only speculate as discarded Christmas boxes fill with felines and the New Year approaches. 

photocredits: redbox Michelleagain