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It’s been a long while since we posted new bookmarks, primarily because our resident artist (Cara/Andrea) has been busy writing books!  But we have a slew of new bookmarks now, prepared by Cara/Andrea in a marathon session.  These bookmarks are made for you, our readers, and you are welcome to download them to your computer or print them from this page.  Here are thumbnails of the above bookmarks.  Enjoy!

BookmarkA   BookmarkB  

 BookmarkC   BookmarkD  

BookmarkNicola   BookmarkF

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Book Tours and Bookmarks

Jo&Nicola Sherrie, here.  Jo is busy with her book tour, promoting the Everlyn reissue of Lady Notorious. The tour is designed to hit many of the locations visited by the hero and heroine in Lady Notorious.  You can view Jo's booksigning schedule here.  If you're going to be at any of these locations, do stop by and say hi!  One person who did just that was Nicola!  Above is a picture of Nicola and Jo.

Thanks to the ever-talented Cara/Andrea, we now have two new beautiful bookmarks available for downloading.  Just go to the Additional Pages sidebar on the right side of this page and click on Printable Bookmarks #7.  <— Or you can click on this link.  These latest bookmarks are for Mary Jo's Fallen Angel and Jo's Lady Notorious

WWBookmarks#7a       WWBookmarks#7b