Book Trees

SANY0045Joanna here, celebrating the holidays in Paris.

This means cooking filets of duck, new potatoes, and little bitty baby cauliflowers 'au fromage' on a tiny two-burner stove on Christmas Eve.  I had just about forgotten how to cook with this sorta minimum equipment. 

We ate quite lovely Chinese food in the Booktree 1Chinatown oChinese food in paris attrib mbrochhf Paris on Christmas Day.  

Ultimate yummy. 


Many presents were sent by mail.  They all arrived in time — isn't that amazing? 

Then there was the technical feat of an international video conference call.  Two countries. Four locations.  Times zones all the way round the world.  And toddlers.
It all worked, somehow.  I am in awe of myself. 

No tree though. So I'm giving myself a 'book tree'.  

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