Guests and a New Feature

Good morning!  We have a fun October planned for our readers here at the Word Wenches, starting with:ShobhanBantwal

Oct. 9 – Mary Jo will interview guest Shobhan Bantwal.  Shobhan refers to her stories as "Bollywood in a book."  Her books are romantic, colorful, action-packed tales that are rich with elements of Indian culture.

ToLoveWickedLord Oct. 16 – Susie Felber, Edith Layton's daughter, will visit the Wenches to talk about Edith's last book, To Love a Wicked Lord (Avon, 10/27), completed shortly before she passed away earlier this year. 

Oct. 19 – Ask-a-Wench debuts.  Each month, we will take one (or more) question(s) posed by our readers and discuss these questions in a blog.  Questions can come from any number of sources:  from your replies left in the comments section, from our master list of blog topics suggested by readers, and even from your e-mails.  (To submit questions via e-mail, send a message to our site manager/den mother, Sherrie Holmes.)  Anne will be hosting the first Ask-a-Wench, and has already chosen a few related questions gleaned from readers.  Other Wenches may contribute to AAW posts, depending on the questions.  We enjoy interacting with our readers and felt this would be a great opportunity for lively discussion.

So mark your calendars!  We have a busy October lined up.