A time of unrest

NovMy next book, Too Dangerous for a Lady, is set in 1817. The date is demanded by the ongoing timeline of my Company of Rogues books. They started in late 1814 (An Arranged Marriage) and so have progressed through Napoleon's return from Elba, Waterloo, and into the post-war period which was marked by economic depression and real hardship. That's often the case after wars, even for the victorious, because war is expensive and leads to massive debt, plus the high demand caused by the war machine goes away, leading to unemployment.

Some of my Rogues books are directly involved with the events of the time and some only have it as a backdrop,  (you can read more about the Rogues here) but I'm always aware of the historical timeline. Tdfalm

In 1817 things were coming to a boil. There was severe unemployment in many parts of the north where demand for cloth goods and weapons had gone way down. To add to that, the end of hostilities meant the possibility of cheaper imports from abroad. There were many small gatherings and protests, especially in the north. As a reaction, the government repealed the Habeas Corpus Act, making it possible to arrest and hold people without trial.

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