Treasure hunting!

Didcot Hoard-cropped

Andrea here, Where I live in New England, the bright blaze of autumn colors are beginning to fade and give way to the more somber taupe and grey hues of Winter. The days are growing shorter too, the sunlight flickering out in late afternoon . . . which puts me in the mood for some bright, sparkly things.

And what can be more sparkly than a treasure trove of gold!

Emperor VespasianI’ve recently been looking at photos from my research travels (Oh, for the day when we can travels again!) and some pictures from my visit to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford caught me eye. Most of the shots I took related to Regency-era  research for my Wrexford and Sloane mystery series—lots of scientific instruments and early technology. But I also couldn’t resist stopping at the display of . . . buried treasure. Glittery gold—admit it—it sends some sort of primal thrill trilling down your spine to think of stumbling across such a discovery . . .

It’s called the Didcot Hoard (for the town in Oxfordshire, England near where it was discovered by Bill Darley, who was using a metal detector to explore) and it’s considered one of the most spectacular caches of Roman coins ever found in Britain.

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