The Art of Dunking (A Biscuit)

220px-Dunking_a_biscuitNicola here with a classic post from a few years ago that I originally posted on the UK Historical Romance Authors Blog. It got such an interesting response then that I thought I would update it and share it here because I was keen to hear what the Wenches and Wench readers thought of it.

So here goes. Do you dunk? I’m using the word “dunk” in the British sense of the word which means “to dip a biscuit or some other food, usually baked goods, into a drink, especially tea, coffee, or milk." Dunking releases more flavour from confections by dissolving the sugars, while also softening their texture. With the UK/US differences in language I had no idea about the basketball definition of dunking until I looked it up!

It turns out that dunking is an ancient tradition but it’s also a divisive one. Apparently in a recent survey done by the Great British Bake-Off TV Programme, 52% of people said they wouldn’t dream of dunking a biscuit – they never had and they never would!

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Time for the Scones!

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

Several weeks ago, I set out to write about clotted cream and scones, and it rapidly ballooned into such a massive amount of material that I decided to do two posts, one on clotted cream and one on scones.  (Anne Gracie has already blogged on the general subject of afternoon tea.) 

And it's still a massive amount of material!  In our private Wench discussion loop, we ran wild, and given that the Wenches come from the US, Canada, the Scone with jamUK, and Australia, the range of experience–and opinions!–is vast.


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