And So to Bed

Wench the_artist_in_his_room_at_the_villa_medici _rome-cogniet 1817 copy

In 1817, some beds are this high and this narrow

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.
William H. McRaven


I’m in the process of moving, having acquired a new house. This house, in the manner of houses since the beginning of time, is in some ways unsatisfactory and must be modified.

I would guess the first sensible person to move from one cave to another immediately started rolling rocks around till they were in a position more conducive to comfortable living.

That is, in essence, what I’m doing. Rolling rocks. Washing walls; matching the dark color of the old mopboard and window surrounds; spackling cracks; priming walls and, in the fullness of time, picking a wall shade more beautiful than any other, and painting.

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