Baronetcy for Sale

Last week, I was deep into the final pages of the next Unexpected Magic book (with no sign of a title in sight, I Rice_WhisperofMagic276might add!) and still had no clear idea of how I’d resolve all the details of my conflict. You might say I’m a pantser—someone who writes by the seat of her pants. I like to be as surprised as the reader when I reach the end. Yeah, I know, stupid. But man, has that taught me how to edit!

But the point is—I had a brilliant brainstorm that would cap everything off so very nicely, except it involved all sorts of research. All writing came to a screeching halt as I dug into the origins of a baronetcy, who inherits, how, can a king just hand one to anyone he feels like, what are the requirements, can land be attached…  Argh!

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