Quilts 2019!

IMG_4141 (1)By Mary Jo

Long term readers of the Word Wenches know that I look forward to the biennial show of the Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild. I'm told they don't have annual shows because it takes time to create so many new quilts, which I totally believe because I could never do what they do!

The long, narrow hanging at the left is the phases of the lunar eclipse of 2017.

Challenge QuiltThere are wonderful traditional quilts like traditional grannies used to make, but there are also many that are brilliant works of art intended for walls rather than beds.

Clearly the quilters have a lot of fun, and groups of them will do different challenges to their skills.

For example, there was a "Page 13 Challenge" which involved going to page 13 of a magazine and creating a quilting project based on the images one finds there. (One would been to be careful about the magazine chosen!  One also must NOT touch the quilts with bare fingers–the oils can damage the fabric.  Hence the warnings like the one below. In these days of drones, there may well be aircraft monitoring the show!)

One such challenge project resulted in the fascinating stilt house architectural images quilted by my friend Natalie, above.

Another is the cat hanging I bought two years ago, in IMG_4126 small mosaic like pieces of fabric were used to create the project. There was heat activated glue on the back of the fabric squares, and then the quilter sewed through all the pieces to ensure they stay attached. The kitty hangs in my dining room, and she makes me think of a shy IMG_4132 adoptee.(Below)

Scaredy cat

Here are some others quilts that really caught my eye.

The Octopi in the one on the right have three dimensional heads. I love the colors!


Baltimore RowhousesThe hanging to the left was  a group effort. It's taken from a picture of Baltimore rowhouses, and each house was done by a different quilter:



I like bright colors, so these two spoke to me: IMG_4128












I love these ducks against the rising sun, and the beautiful golden Tree of Life, below.

IMG_4137 IMG_4134







And these sunflowers!






There were any number of fabulous works, but I was very taken by several of the ones made by the show's featured contemporary quilter, Amy Krasnansky. All of her work is terrific.



But the large quilt below was a real knock out: three dimensional with two completely different views possible.  Here is the view from the right:

IMG_4117 (1)

An elephant, right?  But here is the view from the left.


The elephant in the room has become a sofa with cats! You can see how the quilt is zigzagged to show the two images, an effect Ms. Krasnansky was able to create because she's an engineering graduate of Johns Hopkins University.  An amazing result!  Note how the backgrounds and the ground change between the two images.  (I have the cat covered sofa in my living room, but no elephant. <G >School Geese

If you really, really like looking like quilts (as I do!) here are links to my 2015 blog and my 2017 blog.

Lastly, the show took place as a private school with a pond by the parking lot. I think these geese would make quite a nice quilt. What do you think? <G>

Mary Jo