Choose your gown

RwaJo here, historical fashionista! Well, not really, but in another spot we were talking about which look we'd choose if we were going to a historical costume ball. Medieval, Tudor, Regency?

DonzellaornatapopHere's an image from Vecellio's book of Renaissance Costume, which contains images both interesting and alarming. Some, like this on the right, are imaginable. Some are odd. The one on the left, for example.

VCR071B I'm going to share some other images from different European periods. If you want to go Oriental or such, you're on your own.Which appeal to you, and why?

For example, if I was intending to dance and have fun at the ball I'd choose a more comfortable and manageable gown; perhaps even an early 20th century one. But for show I might go for more structured splendor.

It would be interesting to wear the stiff Tudor style — to see how it felt, and how it made me felt. Do you agree that clothes change us, especially how we move and how we feel about ourselves? Have you ever experienced that?

Which period costume do you think most flattering to women, and which the least?

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Hi, Jo here talking about cars, which is outside my usual time period. In a way.

In the pre-automobile age "car" was short for carriage, so you can come across what sound like anachronisms, such as "he travelled by car." But today I'm coming forward to blog about automobiles. The first picture is of a 19th century (just) car that clearly shows the connection to a horse-drawn carriage of the time.M6615w Winner horseless carriage, USA, 1898

Next weekend I’ll be attending a romance conference in Madrid, so at the moment I’m visiting my sister in Malaga, on the south coast of Spain, and I decided to visit the Automobile Museum. I’d  heard that it's interesting, but cars don't interest me much. However, as it's only a fifteen minute walk away, I decided I should.

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