Midwifery for Men

RicePat_AuraofMagic_600Pat here: I’m still in the process of moving from one side of town to the other and everything is still in boxes except my computer. Which is convenient since I have a new book coming out Tuesday—AURA OF MAGIC, the fourth in my Malcolm and Ives Unexpected Magic series—and I really need to tell people about it. There’s an excerpt and buy links on my website.

Since I like mixing things up, this time the scientific protagonist is the heroine, Brighid, the Countess of Carstairs. She comes from a long line of physicians and has been trained by her family to the same standards as the men who were allowed to attend university–except, of course, she was expected to marry. Devoted to the village where she grew up, she obediently wed the highest ranking aristocrat in town, then continued her family's medical practice—illegally.

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