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DragonAudioI'm been under the deadline hammer for far too long, and even missed the fact that the audiobook edition of my novella, The Dragon and the Dark Knight, had gone live in July!  (The time it takes for audio platforms to approve projects various greatly.) The narrator is the ever wonderful Siobhan Waring.

Since time is in short supply, I decided to rerun the blog I did in 2020 when the e-book version was released. The Dragon and the Dark Knight!  

I've written a number of novellas and shorter works because they're an enjoyable change of pace and give me the chance to go to new and different places. They can also be quirkier or more humorous than full length novels.  In short–fun! 



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Silk and Shadows in Audio!

Silk and Shadows Audioby Mary Jo

I've promised that audiobooks of my Silk Trilogy were on the way, and now the first, Silk and Shadows, is available with Silk and Secrets and Veils of Silk on the way.  Once more the wonderful Siobhan Waring is the narrator, as she has been for all my audio releases for more than a year. 

I think of Silk and Shadows as my Count of Monte Cristo story.  The first sentence of the book is, "He called himself Peregrine, the Wanderer, and he came to London for revenge."


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Shattered Rainbows: Audio & Interview!

ShatteredRainbowsby Mary Jo

The Sound of Shattered Rainbows

I don't spend enough time driving to be much of an audiobook listener, but I know a lot of romance fans love them, so ideally I'd like to have all my classic backlist titles available in audio for those who prefer the format.

However, producing them myself is very expensive and after doing audio of The Bargain, Thunder and Roses, and Dancing on the Wind, I gave up doing them for a while.

However, the market and the economics are continually changing, so I decided to give it another try, starting with Shattered Rainbows, Fallen Angel #5, which is a particular favorite of mine. A RITA finalist and 4 1/2 star GOLD rating from Romantic Times, it's a complicated story of complicated people and enduring love. Here's the blurb:


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Further adventures in audiobooking: Dancing on the WInd

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

I made a flash announcement here when the audiobook version of Dancing on the Wind MaryJoPutney_DancingontheWind_Audiofinally went live two weeks ago, but I wanted to ruminate a bit more on the process.  This is the third audiobook that I've produced, and each time there have been more things to learn.  

Though I'm still a novice, for me the key points are:

1) The first big challenge is finding The Voice. Someone I like listening to, and who will also appeal to regular audio listeners.  I have a fondness for a lovely deep male voice (calling James Earl Jones!!!), but a man with a naturally deep voice will probably have trouble with lighter female voices, just as a woman with a lighter, higher voice might have trouble with male characters.  A skilled narrator doesn't actually imitate multiple voices, but implies them through accent, inflection, pacing, and other verbal tricks.  Doing that consistently throughout a full length book takes a real pro.

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Breaking news: Dancing on the Wind audiobook

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

Yayyyy!  After numerous delays (I'm never going to produce an audiobook under a Mercury retrograde again!), the audio of my RITA winning Regency historical Dancing on the Wind (Book #2 ofthe Fallen Angels series) has now gone live on Audible.com  and should soon be up at Amazon and Apple as well.  It was recorded at the Audio Factory in Glastonbury, England, the same studio that produced the audiobook of The Bargain.  


Rough draft 1I'll probably blog about this at greater length later, but I know some Word Wench regulars like audio, so I thought I'd mention it now.  Plus, I'm happy that it's available after the various delays.  If you like audiobooks, I hope you enjoy it!