Day Two of 2011

Here's Jo, dashing in just a bit late! But the advantage of living in England is that the American readers are just getting up. Whew! 

It's the new calendar thing that's got me. We have one, but it's a lovely one we got at the Canaletto Exhibition at the National Gallery and Ken wants to scan the pictures before grubby fingers, post it notes etc get at it.

Do you have a calendar to keep track of life? Do you choose them with care, or just take anything that comes by?

Xmastree BTW, it's still Christmastide, so you should still have all your decorations up. I hope you're observing tradition!

And have you done anything to mark the beginning of a new year? I cleaned my desk, mentally preparing to get back to work after my December break. Though I have been spending time there on my Malloren World wiki.

I'm tossing in peripheral research and perhaps it'll become a resource for other writers. I'm beginning to put in daily life stuff such as costs (under Daily Life) and I'm beginning something I've been meaning to do for years — tracking the Great North Road. I've only put in the north Yorkshire bit as I had that to hand from my research for An Unlikely Countess.

Read an excerpt and/or sign up for an on-sale reminder by clicking the link.

Off we go into another decade. Mayit be wonderful for all.

For your amusement, I offer this old ad. Believe it or not, it's not for weaponry, but tomatoes. Perhaps it inspired the film Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!