The Christmas Sweater!

HollyHappy Christmas! Nicola here, sending you warmest wishes on
Christmas Day on behalf of all the Wenches!

The presents have been opened, Christmas dinner is in the
oven and I am proudly
Fair Isle Jumper wearing my new Christmas jumper. This is a genuine Fair
Isle jumper, made on Fair Isle itself where they have been producing knitwear
to this sort of pattern for hundreds of years. It is said that it was the
survivors of a Spanish Armada shipwreck in 1588 who taught the islanders these
patterns but some say the styles of Aran, Shetland and Scandinavian style
designs have been around for much longer than that.

Sweaters first became popular in the British Isles as long
ago as the 17th century, worn by fishermen to give them an extra
layer of warmth. A good example of this is the “Guernsey” jumper from the
Channel Islands. During the Napoleonic Wars Nelson’s navy adopted what was
called the “gansey” jumper as part of naval uniform. It was worn at the Battle
of Trafalgar.

Meanwhile the cardigan was named after James Brudenell, 7th
Earl of Cardigan, whose troops were dressed in fur-trimmed, braided and knitted
military jackets for the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean Wars.

At the moment the Scandinavian style sweater is in great
demand in the UK owing to the success of the
Sarah Lund Jumper Danish TV show The Killing in
which leading character Sarah Lund wears this sweater. The true Christmas
sweater, however, is far more garish and this year is has experienced a resurgence in poularity, perhaps because it is a very cheerful and fun item of clothing. Reindeers,
Christmas SweaterSantas and polar bears all
feature in the designs. This year Ralph Lauren is selling a snowflake patterned turtleneck for
£755/$1230. Celebrities
including Kanye West, Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Matt Damon,
Samantha Cameron and Snoop Dogg have all been pictured in various woollen
improvisations on the Christmas jumper theme. And of course they are the
must-have accessory for your pet…
Dog in a Christmas jumper

 Are you a fan of the Christmas sweater? Would you dress yourself or your dog/cat in one?