Ask A Wench!

With_Lawrence_in_ArabiaAndrea/Cara here, seeing as August is a lazy month with people here in the northern hemisphere making the most of the last few weeks of summer by kicking back and just hanging out with friends and family—and good books (and you where it's still winter are curling up by the fire) I thought I'd have a little fun by throwing out this question to the Wenches about what author from history they'd like to hang out with:

If you could sit down for tea and a comfortable tell-all “coze" with one author from history, who would it be? And what questions would you want to ask? (Or want things would you want to talk about.)

Peter_O'TooleMary Jo:
Forget tea with Jane Austen! I'd like to have a ride with Lawrence of Arabia, both of us ambling along on camels and admiring the scenery. I'd ask him about being a love child whose father abandoned his wife and children in Ireland to live with Lawrence's mother, a governess. And what was it like being an archeologist in Syria before WWI, and his dashing activities in the war, and the Arab Revolt.  And what did he think of Peter O'Toole playing him in the classic movie, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. I thought O'Toole did a very good job, other than being about a foot taller than the real Lawrence. <G>

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