Joan Wolf, here at Word Wenches

JoanWolf_TheGuardianJoanna here, interviewing Joan Wolf, who writes such wonderful Historical Romances.  Joan wolf 1The Guradian, The Arrangement, A London Season, Double Deception are just a few of my favories.

A little history . . .  Joan Wolf grew up in the Bronx, New York and took her Master's Degree in English and Comparative Literature from Hunter College. She taught high school English for nine years in New York City, including Creative Writing.  Valuable for her future writing no doubt.

So hello, Joan.  Pull up a chair and let me ask you some questions about your books.  For instance, 

You've written books set in a number of time periods — Regency, Biblical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Prehistoric, Contemporary.Can you tell us a little of how you build that 'sense of the past' into your stories?  

Research, research, research.  Of course, some periods are easier to research than others.  The regency is easy.  Even medieval times are fairly easy.  The Dark Ages?  Well, they weren’t called the dark ages for nothing.  Very little is written about the centuries (5th – 9th)  where I set my trilogy: The Road to Avalon, Born of the Sun, and The Edge of Light.  I read the literature we have from that time – Beowulf and those wonderful Anglo-Saxon poems.  And The Anglo Saxon Chronicle has a list of dates that were useful, but that’s about it.  There was even less for the pre-history series, Daughter of the Red Deer, The Horsemasters and The Reindeer Hunters.  I spent a lot of time in the Yale library reading about primitive people and how they lived, plus there was some good information about the tools used by Cro-Magnon man.  The rest came from my imagination.

That all-important writer's imagination. Sometimes it sees further than the facts.

Okay –  I know you're a horse person and horses appear in many of your books. Do you have a favorite horse you've known and loved?

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