My Fatal Attraction to Nefarious Spies

AlwaysAtemptress Pat here, opening the door to invite in Honorary Word Wench, Eileen Dreyer to talk about her new book, Always a Temptress, the third in her Drake's Rakes series–romantic historicals with lots of adventures.

 From Eileen:

It should come as a surprise to no one who's ever read me that I love suspense. Don't get me wrong. I love romance. I love to play puppet-master to two people who don't realize how perfect they are for each other. But for a long time, that just hasn't been enough. The last romance I wrote, I spent all my time terrified that my audience would grow tired of people Just Talking. (well, not just talking). So I brought in a man with a bomb strapped to his waist. That's when I knew that I might as well just surrender.
    Admittedly it's easier to write suspense in contemporaries. After all, there might have been serial killers before, but they were mostly conquering tyrants. No technology or ticking wristwatches. Tough to mount a reign of terror with a gun that could only fire once every three minutes. But people were always people, and power was always power.  Shakespeare would have had little to write about if there had never been a lust for it.
    The good news for me, as I move into historical romance, is that one of my very favorite historical periods is the Regency era. It was a time of upheaval, with war, unrest, and the beginnings of great social change to mark it. It was a time, therefore, when power shifted. People jockeyed for more, fought to protect what they had. They saw danger everywhere, and were happy to go to any lengths to quell it.
    Do you hear my evil chuckle? Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that? If you were a person at the top, who had once owned all the power, what would you do to hold onto it? If you were an honorable man who believed that power corrupted, how would you stop its misuse?   NeverAGentleman_200px

    Why, if you're in my books, you belong to a group of well-born gentlemen who have ranged themselves against the men who plot insurrection. Yes, I know it's been done before, and well. It's still a trope I love. Kind of like the closest you can get to a team of Navy SEALS in the nineteenth century. Handsome, successful, dangerous, sexy. What more could you want? And because each of my heroes, Drake's Rakes, is involved in a pitched battle with aristocrats who are attempting to overthrow the throne, I can put everybody in danger as my couples fall in love.
    Always a Temptress, my third book in the series, pits one of those honorable gentleman, Sir Harry Lidge, against his old love, Lady Kate Seaton, who could well be one of those nefarious spies. An old soldier, Harry only has his title by dint of battlefield courage. Kate is a duke's daughter and widow of a duke. But the two meet almost as equals and fight it out toe-to-toe, even as they battle the….wait for it….yes! Nefarious spies.
    I tell you, an author couldn't be happier. Well, this one couldn't. As a reader, how do you feel? Do you prefer bullets with your teacups, or would you prefer the evildoers to stick to other books? I'd love to know. And I'd love to hear from you.


Eileen would like to give away a signed copy of ALWAYS A TEMPTRESS along with trading cards to one lucky person who posts a comment on the blog. Secondly, Eileen would like to announce that between now and October 15th, 2011, anyone who like's her new Drake's Rakes Facebook page and posts a comment and/or follows her on twitter and posts a comment, will be entered in a drawing for a lovely silver filigree bracelet from India.