Regency Masquerades

Cat 243 Doverby Mary Jo

Such a deal!  In Regency Masquerades, six talented Regency veterans have released a box set containing six full length Regency novels, including the RITA winning Gwen's Ghost by Alicia Rasley and Lynn Kerstan.  (This might be the only RITA won by a writing team and the book is great, with Alicia and Lynn writing different characters so the story is integrated seamlessly.)  AND they're offering the set for a special introductory price of 99 cents to reward their long term readers!  
So here, forthwith, are Alicia Rasley, Allison Lane, Brenda Hiatt, Lynn Kerstan, Elena Green, and Gail Eastwood:

1regencymasquerades3-dAlicia: What's In a Mask?
Romance readers love masquerades.  A masquerade implies intrigue, elegance, illusion, and even naughtiness.  A masquerade can be used to create alter egos and secret lives.  But the real fun comes when the mask slips, revealing all that the players have been hiding.  That's when love steps up to accept, forgive, and forge new identities and alliances.
In this boxed set, we have assembled six novels, each with some variation of the ever-variable theme of masquerade. Whether it's disguise or deception, the characters have reason to mask themselves in some way. As you read, see if you can tell how each character unwittingly chooses a "mask" that reveals the true self… and somehow aids in true love.

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