Acting Your Age

Christina here. Something I was doing recently made me think about the phrase ‘acting your age’ and I realised I don’t like it. Not one bit. Why should we have to act in a certain way just because we happen to have lived a particular number of years? Isn’t it up to us how we act? And age is just a number anyway – on the inside, I’m pretty sure we are all still much younger than our outside would suggest. Do we really need to lose that youthful enthusiasm entirely just because society’s norms dictate that it should be so?

Ripped jeansMy mother is both my biggest fan and my fiercest critic, and she strongly objects to some of my choices. Silly things, like me wearing ripped jeans for example – she thinks I’m too old for that and told me that “old ladies don’t wear clothes with holes in them”. First of all, why not if the holes are meant to be there? And secondly, for the record I’m no spring chicken but I’m not THAT old either! Besides, ripped jeans are the fashion so I resent not being allowed to wear them if I want to. I happen to like that look and if others can, so can I.

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