The Cats’ Christmas

Spook SnoozingChristmastide:

The Cats' Christmas

by Mary Jo

This is second in the Word Wenches' annual tradition of short posts for Christmastide, Reggie Intriguedthe days between Christmas and Twelfth Night on January 6th. 

I don't usually get presents for my cats since they're royally pampered every day. But this year I decided to get a tall, very stable scratching post.  I opened it up, attached the base, and rubbed catnip into the sisal. 

And furry fun was had!  Spook, the solemn white and gray part Siamese cat who has never shown the least inclination to play, had fun with it, delighting in the catnip and snoozing happily on the base.

Reggie was intrigued and scent-marked the sisal.

But Princess Flufferbella stretchingFlufferbella had the clearest understanding of what the post was for as she stretched and scratched. 

Here's hoping they continue to enjoy their new scratching post, and spare my furniture. <G>

Mary Jo, wishing you all a happy holiday season and a bright New Year!