A new year’s a-coming!

Newyearclock Jo here, heralding the year 2013. It doesn't seem a blink since we turned to a new milennium, wondering if all our technogy would implode.

2012 was another the year the world might end, but we seem to have dodged that missile, asteroid, or whatever it was supposed to be. Here in Britain it might have been the great flood. It is now officially the wettest year on record. And still it rains! Has the weather in 2012 been record breaking where you are?

I haven't heard anyone predicting that 2013 will be unlucky, so maybe we have a good stretch ahead.Srise261212

I have to confess that New Year's Day doesn't feel important to me. I much prefer the winter solstice as the great turning of the wheel and I wish that was our celebration time with fireworks and aspirations for the next cycle. Here's a picture of a recent sunrise to suit the mood.

But here we are, and it's the traditional point, so… In another forum we've been choosing words for 2013. Word we hope will fit it when we look back from the brink of 2014. Want to play? I think it's best not to think too much, but go with what pops into your head.

What popped into mine was SPARKLE. I hope 2013 will be full of sparkly fun and surprises, with plenty of laughter along the way.

Fireworks1Whatever word you choose, I hope 2013 rises to the occasion! 

Happy New Year!