A Sunday Special

Anne here, popping in briefly to let you know about a special bargain that's just come to my attention.


One of my early books, AN HONORABLE THIEF, is currently on sale (as an e-book) in North America for $1.99. It's been rereleased as a "Historical Classic." I've always loved the cover, which was one of the first "headless" covers. I know a lot of people don't like them but I don't mind the headlessness — the faces on the covers of books are rarely how I imagine the characters.

An Honorable Thief  was given a D.I.K (Desert Island Keeper) rating from the review site All About Romance who said, "Our reviewer couldn't put this down… even when she was at work!"  The full original review is here.

The special price is only available in North America (I think — I only learned about the special when AAR tweeted about it.)
Buy it on Amazon.

Other e-vendor links are here.

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