Sophie Page, Honorary Word Wench

Anne here, coming in a trifle late to thank the wonderful Sophie Page for her interview about her delightful book, TO MARRY A PRINCE.

Sophie, it's our custom here to induct our special guests into the halls of Honorary Word Wenchdom, and to bestow on them the title of Honorary Word Wench (H.W.W), such title to be used to impress and bewilder friends and acquaintances. Brttania

In addition, we would like to present you with a gift of utter magnificence and complete cyberosity: the use for a year of the Royal Yacht Brittania, on which you can visit… well, me <G> among your many friends around the world, without leaving behind your beloved cat Tom, who can safely explore his piratical and water-loving tendencies and then snooze and be captain while you are ashore.

Sophie Page, Honorary Word Wench, we thank you. 

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