Season’s Greetings!

Angel_burnejones The holidays are swift passing us by — we’re approaching the end of the year before we’ve even cleaned up the last bit of wrapping paper and ribbon or finished off that last plate of gift cookies (which really ought to go in the freezer…).

Here’s hoping each and every one of you are having wonderful holidays this December! And best wishes to all for the coming New Year. May 2007 be filled with peace and with dreams come true.

In honor of the historical slant of our wee blog, here are some traditional end-of-holidays verses….

Farewell to Christmas

Monet_magpie Noel is leaving us,
Sad it is to tell,
But he will come again,
Adieu, Noel.
His wife and his children
Weep as they go.
On a gray horse,
They ride through the snow.
The kings ride away
In the snow and the rain,
After twelve months,
We shall see them again.

–French, Epiphany Carol
Now Have Good Day

Christmasholly_1 Now have good day, now have good day.
I am Christmas, and now I go my way.
Here have I dwelt with more or less,
From Hallow-tide till Candlemas,
And now must I from you hence pass,
Now have good day.

                               — English, traditional 16th c.

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Complimentsseason_1 ~Susan Sarah

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