Quiz—The Heiress’s Daughter

Anne here, and for your entertainment, here’s a quiz on a book you haven’t yet readThe Heiress’s Daughter, which comes out on May 21st.It’s just for fun, and intended to give you a little taste of the book to come, something a bit different from an excerpt or a blurb. But if you’ve read The Rake’s Daughter you might find it too easy. I’m also trying to avoid spoilers.

So, make a note of your answers, check them on the link at the bottom and come back and tell us how you went, and whether you enjoyed it or not. I’ll be giving a copy of The Heiress’s Daughter to someone who leaves a comment.

1)  Our heroine, Clarissa, is
a) rich and slightly arrogant,
b) intensely loyal to those she cares about
c) determined never to marry
d) passionate about cats

2)  Clarissa grew up
a) abroad, in many different countries
b) in London
c) in Bath
d) in the country

3) In London, Clarissa lives with
a) an eccentric old lady
b) relatives
c) her guardian
d) her sister and her sister’s husband

4)  Clarissa is good at
a) dancing, especially the waltz
b) flirting, though in a very ladylike way
c) making lotions and potions from flowers and herbs
d) making her own clothes

5) Clarissa makes a list of
a) things she needs to learn
b) eligible men she could marry
c) things she wants to do before she marries
d) desirable qualities in a husband

5) First and foremost Clarissa wants
a) a family and children
b) a husband with a title
c) to go back to her childhood home
d) to learn to swim

6) When Clarissa is invited to go riding
a) she refuses because she’s afraid of horses
b) she accepts because she loves riding
c) she accepts, even though she is scared of horses
d) she refuses because she doesn’t like the man who invited her

7) Race, Lord Randall, never visits Clarissa in her home because
a) he finds polite small-talk boring
b) he’s confident that his courtship will be successful without visits.
c) he’s been banned from the house
d) he’s always too busy for ‘morning calls’

8)  Race is called Race because
a) he loves curricle racing
b) he didn’t like being called Horatio
c) he’s addicted to betting on horse races
d) his middle name was Race

9) Clarissa is being energetically courted by
a) a number of men who all covet her fortune
b) a handsome former war hero
c) a notorious rake
d) all of the above

10) Clarissa and her maid, Betty visit an orphanage
a) to make a donation to help the orphans
b) looking for a long lost relative
c) Intending to hire a girl to train as a maid
d) because they’d heard dreadful things about how the children were treated

Photo by Tanner Crockett on Unsplash

11) Race’s cousin, Maggie, says she must get a mongrel pup because
a) she’s lonely and thinks a dog would be good company
b) she thinks it’s going to be the next big fashion
c) she loves dogs
d) she thinks people who have pedigreed dogs are snobs

12) Lady Scattergood
a) is a passionate cat-lover
b) is eager for Clarissa to marry
c) thinks the best sort of husband is one who lives on the other side of the world
d) thinks the best sort of husband is a war hero

Now you have noted your answers, click here and find out the answers. Then come back and tell us how you went. Did you have fun with this? Too easy? Too hard? Just right? (Be honest, I won’t mind.) I’ll be giving a copy of The Heiress’s Daughter to someone who leaves a comment.

32 thoughts on “Quiz—The Heiress’s Daughter”

  1. 5 out of 13 – surprised me that I had so many right 🙂

    I always enjoy your quizzes. I admire your ability to think them up.

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, shrieking “Buy my book!” to the world gets old really fast, so it’s fun to think of a different way of drawing attention to it, and one that doesn’t take the reader to Yawnsville..

  2. Nine for me, too, but then I just finished rereading and re-listening to the two previous titles in this series. Can hardly wait for May 21st! I’m wondering why Heiress’s Daughter isn’t showing up on Audible yet. Hope to see it soon.

    • Carol, re “why Heiress’s Daughter isn’t showing up on Audible yet,” it’s definitely coming. But audible and Penguin are different publishers and their schedules are different, I suppose. I’ve been told it will be for sale on 21st May, the same as the book.

  3. Anne, I’ve tried using several browsers to sign up for your newsletter, but each time I click on “send”, nothing happens. Can you please sign me up from your end? Many thanks. (I previously received them regularly but got locked out of my hotmail account and need to start again.)

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been having huge problems with emails and also my newsletter and habe been working to get them fixed. Soooo frustrating. But I’ll add you manually and hope that works.

    • Thanks, Karen. Side characters always pop up in my stories. When I first started submitting to publishers, I often got the comment “Too many side characters that take the focus away from the main couple.” Now people enjoy my side characters. I do, anyway.

    • Chuckling here, Pat — because when I was making up the quiz I was thinking, why didn’t I have that happen? And it happens every time I do one of these quizzes. Maybe I should make up a quiz for a book I haven’t yet written. Might be interesting.

  4. I enjoyed reading the questions, Anne, though I’ll admit to not taking the quiz. I also admired the red dress and the fashion print!

    • Thanks, Kareni. The red dress is actually a redingote, I think — a kind of coat — and yes, isn’t it gorgeous? It didn’t have much to do with the quiz but I couldn’t resist including it.

  5. First a puzzle and now a quiz — you do make this fun, Anne, even if waiting for “the real thing” is still tough! 10 correct – probably would have been far fewer if I hadn’t recently re-read The Rake’s Daughter….

    • Thanks, Constance — waiting for it to come out is hard for me, too. I finished it back in 2022, expecting it to come out in 2023. But the ways of publishing are often strange. And yes, knowing Rake’s Daughter is a fast track to a good score.

  6. The quiz was just right! I surprised myself with 9/12 and it was great fun to relive Clarissa! She has so much quite grace and dignity. Can’t wait to read the book, I love the community around a garden.

  7. 7/13
    The ones I missed make me eager to read about Clarissa and Race! I think I may need to reread Rake’s Daughter first.


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