New Contest

Do you recognize any of these snips from book covers? Can you name the author and title? Here’s one hint — they’re all books written by Wenches. But you probably guessed that. So what’s the deal? A great one. To start our new schedule on a grand note, one lucky winner will win SEVEN books. Yes, a book from each Wench. All you have to do is identify the author and the book title of each snip and send your answers to Sherrie at If you don’t recognize the covers straight away, go to our web sites and look around. The covers are there somewhere. Some are new, some are older. Some of these should be easy. A couple may challenge you a bit, but that adds to the fun. Next Sunday, April 8th, at 10am Pacific time, Sherrie will see who’s won. If more than one person gets all the right answers, she’ll draw a name and announce the clever winner. We’re not allowing comments on this post to stop any of you absentmindedly sending your answers to the whole world. Here we go, in no particular order. Have fun! Kiss