New this week!

Hello Everyone,
We have some fantastic news to share with you this week!  First off, Congratulations to Jo Beverley, whose Too Dangerous for a Lady is on the USA Today bestseller list!  In case you need it, her book can be found here
Also, be sure to stop by and check out our guest on Wednesday!  Margaret Evans Porter joins Jo Beverley to talk about Margaret's first mainstream historical novel A Pledge of Better Times, set in late Stuart times.
We would also like to announce a couple of winners!  As well as Davida winning a book for suggesting the "chick-in-pants" topic (suggest topics to our email,, Juanita G.'s name has been drawn to win a book for leaving a comment on that post.  Both winners have been contacted.
That is all of our news for today, I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!  Until next time!

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