New Arrivals

Guide dog puppy Baden

Nicola here. It’s January 2nd, a new year and a new month have just arrived and it’s often a time when people look forward to what the future might hold. It’s not always a time to make changes or resolutions; it could be equally nice to embrace and continue the good things about the old year. I have no specific resolutions for this year but I do know that it is going to bring big changes, the first of which is arriving on Thursday. Yes, it’s time for our next guide dog puppy to arrive and 10 week old Wren is joining us in two days! We’ve been busy puppy-proofing the house and garden, preparing her cosy bed and choosing some toys for her. Rainbow is briefed on her role as guide dog mentor and we are set to go. Out of the dogs we’ve trained, three have qualified as guide dogs so far and we are hoping she will be the fourth.  (The photograph is of Baden, who qualified last year.) We’re going to give Wren’s training our absolute best shot and we can’t predict what will happen but we’ll do our best. Which is a pretty good metaphor for the year, really. There will be tough times (the experience of trying to wrestle a dead rabbit from the jaws of an over-excited puppy in full view of hundreds of people is one memory that will stay with me forever, as is the one of the puppy who “sang along” at the theatre) but that’s how it goes. So very best wishes to all of us for any resolutions, changes and new arrivals that may be coming our way in 2024!

14 thoughts on “New Arrivals”

  1. Looking forward to pictures of Wren, Nicola! I think guide dog training must be a little like Navy SEAL training: rigorous and with the best training and best mentors, it doesn’t always work out. Good luck to you all!

  2. Your post made me laugh, Nicola, with the tale (tail?) of the dead rabbit and of the caroling puppy! Best wishes to you and Wren for a happy and successful time together.

    • Ah, thank you, Kareni! There have been many such incidents over the years, and it helps to remember that it doesn’t always go smoothly!


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