More Happenings at the Word Wenches

Bbookstack On Wednesday, 2/6, John Dierdorf will be Jo’s guest.  John loves the copy of the Oxford English Dictionary that lives on his computer. You know, the gazillion volume one that gives all the nuances of words and when they were first used, and where, and by whom? Through this lens, reading historical fiction takes on a new dimension–and writing it, a new challenge. But it’s fun. Can that Regency duke drive a car? Can his lady wish him a cheery "hello"? Join in, find out, take some challenges, and have a chance to win an Advance Reading Copy of Jo’s book, LOVERS AND LADIES. (details in the monthly newsletter which you’ve all signed up for, right?) This time the winner won’t be a random pick, but John and Jo’s selection of the person who enhanced John’s visit most.Ladymacbeth

On Monday, 2/25 and Wednesday, 2/27, we’ll have a two-part interview of Susan Fraser King in connection  with the release of Lady Macbeth: A Novel.  This is what we call a “two-fer” in the U.S.  It’s a two-part interview, and you also get two Susans for the price of one–Susan/Miranda will be the interviewer, and Susan/Sarah will be the interviewee. Such a deal!

P.S.  If you are Lynda Tisdell, be sure to read the announcement, below!

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